Devin Dawson Adds Color To His ‘Dark Horse’ With ‘The Pink Slip EP’

Country singer/songwriter Devin Dawson released new music Friday, which was four days shy of three years when he released his debut album ‘Dark Horse.’

‘The Pink Slip EP’ features six songs that are all sonically different from each other and completely different from his first album. 

Dawson appeared on the Bobbycast, a podcast hosted by Bobby Bones. He talked about the EP, the possibility of more music on the horizon, and how “God’s Country,” made famous by Blake Shelton, was written.

During the conversation, Bones mentioned that Dawson had written or co-written every song on his album and EP.

“That’s 99-percent of my mindset, but if something comes along that one of my friends wrote and they send it to me and have me in mind, and it’s exactly how I would say it, I’m not above recording something that somebody else wrote,” said Dawson. “I think you’re kinda dumb if you don’t open up a little bit to the rest of the songs in this town (Nashville) because there are so many great songs.” 

Dawson recently celebrated a number one on country radio with “One Beer,” a song he sang with Hardy and Lauren Alania. The song was written by Hardy, Hillary Lindsey, and Jake Mitchell. 

‘The Pink Slip EP’ features a song called “I Got a Truck,” which came from the story of why country superstar Tim McGraw stayed in Nashville. 

McGraw once told Rolling Stone, “I told him (Dawson) the story about [late SunTrust executive] Brian Williams.” McGraw added, “I had run out of money; had nothing left. I’d been on a tour, but I didn’t get paid for most of it. I couldn’t pay my rent. I was $30,000 in debt.”

Rolling Stone added McGraw approached the banker in earnest. “All I had was a beat-up old truck and two songs on a demo tape,” he says. “I sat down and talked to him, told him I needed $30,000, and this is all I got. ‘Here’s my truck. Here’s my tape.’ We talked for about two hours. And he said, ‘You know what, I believe in you.’ He wrote me a check for $30,000. And that’s why I stayed in Nashville.”

Dawson used McGraw’s story in the second verse of the song. 

“Said the young man to the banker/As he pleaded his case/It’s the only thing I can trade you/But it’s worth more than its weight,” Dawson sings. 

Dawson also shared with Bones that there are heavier songs that have not even been recorded yet. 

“We went at the beginning of this year (2020) to record, and we did these songs, and we were gonna do more, but COVID hit, ” said Dawson. “I want to showcase that slower, darker side; we just haven’t done it yet. More important than that, to me was just getting new music out to my fans.”

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