Ain’t It Funny How Life Changes

I am determined to make 2021 a better year!

To say 2020 was a challenging year would be an understatement whether I factor in all of the loss in the world around me or think of how people I love had to be alone because of quarantine. 

The new year is bound to be significantly better. 

This post is not about COVID-19 or the effects on the human race, because honestly there is not enough blog space or time to share that. 

I am writing this post to apologize for creating this blog and for the long pause of content. This year will be the year to grow this product and share what I love, COUNTRY MUSIC. 

I have some big things coming up that I need to get to work on, but I felt the need to share that I am back and will try and post as often as possible (work keeps me busy, that’s for sure). 

Before I get into some of the ideas I will be working on for The Back Roads of Music, I should explain why I am confident this year will be better, as I share some personal news. 

2021 started with a BANG! (a good one) as I asked my girlfriend, Hannah, to become my wife.

I hope everyone who reads this post has an idea who Carly Pearce is; if not, let me share just a little bit about her. 

Pearce is a Kentucky girl (as is my fiancée) and started making sound waves in country music about five years ago. She started her career at the age of 16 when she took a job at Dollywood. Pearce’s first single to country radio, “Every Little Thing,” also the name of her debut album, became a number one hit (something that does not happen for many country artists). Pearce has also sent singles like “Hide The Wine,” “I Hope You’re Happy Now” (duet with Lee Brice and her second number-one hit), and “Next Girl” to country radio. She is truly one of Nashville’s fast-rising stars and deserves all of the success she’s had and is going to have. 

Pearce is one-of-a-kind (as you should be if you expect to make it anywhere in the music industry) and has stayed true to her roots with all of the success. She is also a devout believer of God, and truly understands his mercy and love. 

Pearce was a recent guest on the Let’s Be Cleere podcast, where she spoke with podcast host Cleere Reaves about how God opened her eyes to help her see she could not stay married to Michael Ray, another country music artist.

“In the beginning of the year (2020), I just remember really coming to this realization that my life wasn’t the fairytale picture that Instagram and social media made it look like.”

Pearce added as she was walking one morning near the beginning of America’s quarantine, she got a message from God she will never forget. 

“I started to listen to this sermon (from Joyce Meyer) and out of nowhere…(Meyer was) talking about how she had been married and divorced and literally said so many things in that moment of like, God doesn’t want you to be in a situation that you know is not of him.” 

Now, back to why Pearce is a part of this blog post.

About a week before the 6:00 p.m. January 2, 2021 show at The Listening Room in Nashville, Tennessee, I reached out to her on Instagram. 

My fiancée is a fan of Pearce’s music, especially her song “Closer to You.” Knowing I was ready to pop the question and ask her to marry me, I asked Pearce if she would help me out during her show. 

I was surprised when I received a response from Pearce and immediately became nervous as we began talking out the details. As the day drew closer, I was so excited but anxious. 

As Hannah and I sat through the show, I waited for the moment for Pearce to open the floor for me so that I could ask that magical question. 

Here’s how it went down.

Now back to what I want to do with The Back Roads of Music blog. 

As we go through the year, I want to share stories like that from country music’s biggest stars and artists who are just getting their feet wet in the industry. I want to share the good, the bad, and the dirty (NOT the last one, I just had to share a Panic! At The Disco reference). 

I am working on getting interviews lined up to talk with some of my favorite artists. I may start a small podcast series on the blog to be easily accessible, but I will not put myself on a consistent schedule of putting them out.

Also, let me know what you would like to read on here. I want an audience who has a passion and love for country music as I do, so we can have great conversations about whatever needs to be discussed. 

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