Ouch! Chris Young Hurts Himself While Running

We all have moments of public embarrassment and that’s no different for country artists.

Chris Young took to Instagram Thursday afternoon to showcase a nasty injury when he tripped and fell over a sidewalk while running.

Young shared, “My ribs hurt, my arm hurts, and they need to fix sidewalks where I’ve been running in Nashville.”

He later posted again on Instagram after appearing on the Nashville news Thursday evening.

“1. I was running when I tripped, Young said. “2. I didn’t realize saying they need to fix the sidewalks on Instagram meant I was calling on the city.”

He later laughed about the incident on Twitter saying “It’s also very ironic that I got a demo back today for a song called “Fall in TN”.

Young is currently working a single, “If That Ain’t God”, to country radio but the song has yet to chart.

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