McGraw Speaks Out About First Number One Hit “Don’t Take the Girl”

Tim McGraw appeared Tuesday morning on the Bobby Bones Show where he talked about his early hits and shared advice for a successful marriage.

During the interview, Bones ran through a list of his first few hits, including: “Indian Outlaw” (which only peaked at number eight on the charts) and “Don’t Take the Girl”.

When asked about the outcome of the girl in his first number-one song, McGraw said, “I don’t think I want it to be resolved. I never wanted it to be resolved.” He added, “I just think that’s what makes that song great is it makes you think and makes you wonder and it applies to people’s lives in different ways.” 

Bones later asked McGraw if he ever wanted to give up on music after his first album, ‘Tim McGraw’, was not successful. McGraw said he knew he wanted to be a country singer. He added after he released the first album he fell off his label’s radar since it didn’t work and there were no hits from it.

“I sorta went back on my own and started collecting these songs (for ‘Not A Moment Too Soon’) and went back to the studio”, McGraw admitted.  He added he recorded the whole album and turned it in without his label at the time Curb Records knowing he had done it. 

The complete interview can be found below.

McGraw is celebrating his latest number top five hit “I Called Mama”, written by Marv Green, Lance Miller, and Jimmy Yeary. His album ‘Here On Earth’ was released on August 21 and features 15 other songs.

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